• By Grant Helton


Fuck. Kickstarter is a scary scary place. We've been reading the strategy guides. We've been testing the right kind of language to use in our video all in the hopes of making it more likely to get funded.

So it's nice to see when other games do it right. Here is our weekly list of three <strong>must support </strong>games.

1. Epic Resorts

Why: The video is cute. The theme is dumb. And they aren't really asking for much cash. This seems like a fun game to play with friends before or after doing an epic run in some soul crushing Fantasy Flight game. Also the tag, "enjoy your slaycation" won over my dollars.

Time left: 2 days to go
Funding Chance: Funded Dude! Get your hands on a copy.

2. 100 Deluxe Dungeons

Why: Really I don't play many table top RPG's any more because my group has dwindled in San Francisco. BTW- if anyone has a good group in SF let me know. But this handy guide to epic dungeons seems like a god send to any GM.

Time left: 71 hours to go
Funding Chance: Funded Dude! Get your hands on a copy.

3. Monster &amp; Knights

Why: This game seems fun with a good theme on it. I enjoyed the "how to play" video. This is the project that is in the most danger of not getting funded. Please get your ass over to their kickstarter and throw a few bones their way. Some of the art looks fucking great too.

Time left: 22 days to go
Funding Chance: Close. Get over there and help it out!

See ya next time,

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