The Rules!

What is God Hates Charades?

God Hates Charades is an awesome party game that will have you and your friends acting like "God auditioning for the role of a dead body on Law And Order","Bill Cosby eating shrooms", or maybe "Jeff Goldblume complaining that MTV doesn't play music videos."

Whatever the scene, we promise you'll be laughing so hard your face will melt off like those jerk Nazi's in Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

It's so simple, even you, can learn to play in 46 seconds.

How do I setup?

Separate the Actor and Scenario decks in to two draw piles, face down. Grab a 30 second timer from another game, use your phone, or just have that one friend that refuses to play be the timer. The player who is closet to death (oldest) goes first.

How do I play this game?

Just in case you don't have an attention span of 46 seconds: when it’s your turn you will take on the role of the actor. Start by drawing two cards from the Actor and Scenario deck. From the four cards in your hand you will make a scene by selecting an Actor and Scenario card. You will then have 30 seconds to act out the scene. You may talk, act, shout or do whatever it takes to get someone to guess the scene, but never say the words on the cards.

When someone guesses the scene, give them the scenario card and you keep the actor card. If nobody guesses correctly in 30 seconds, then discard the cards. Then the player to your left takes the role of the actor and play continues.

First person to seven points (cards) wins the game.

The Actor

What can I do as the Actor?

As the Acting player you can talk during your scene. This is not charades, because charades is lame and God hates it. You can also play multiple characters in the scene. We encourage you to act. It’s not very much fun if you just intellectualize the game into a weird fucked up version of million dollar pyramid. Remember, sometimes it’s necessary to construct an elaborate scene in order to help the Guessers.

What can't I do as the Actor?

What you can’t do is say any of the words printed on either the Actor or Scenario card.

How do I know if someone guessed correctly?

As the Acting player you get to decide if the Guessing player is close enough to get points. We call this the gist rule. More experienced players can be more strict as they learn the style of the game.

The Guesser

What can I do as the guesser?

As the Guessing player you have two rules. You must guess in the Actor/Scenario format. Guess the scene to get a point.

What is the Actor/Scenario format?

Lets say the scene is King Kong using a vibrator.

A correct gist would be:

  • King Kong pleasuring himself.
  • King Kong masturbating with a vibrator.
  • King Kong using a dildo.

An incorrect gist would be:

  • Masturbating King Kong.
  • That monkey masturbating.
  • or by guessing, "King Kong", and then waiting five minutes and shouting, "Oh! He’s using a vibrator!"